The new ACE 5106 comes into force on March 16th 2019. From the CBP perspective it is just a new form. From the broker/importer perspective the new level of detail data provides a challenge.

For CBP Information on the 5106 form

** 5106 Processing Changes **

  1. The option to send a 5106 from the ABI menu (option 2) has been disabled. Knowing the customer number is no longer adequate to build a 5106 transmission.

  2. The automatic 5106 transmit we have always performed whenever the system encountered a new customer has been removed. Once again the customer number is no longer adequate to build a 5106 transmission.

  3. The 5106 must now be updated or created from the Consignee maintenance or the Customer maintenance, Customs Setup screen.

  4. Where necessary we show you the current 5106 status on these screens. We do try and initiate a bond query ahead of time if no 5106 data shows on your files but the response may not be in time for your processing. We strongly recommend initiating a manual bond query before processing the paperwork if you suspect that a new 5106 may be needed.

  5. Updating a 5106 is tricky. If the name and address that you transmit for an SSN or IRS Number does NOT exactly match what CBP has on file then your transmit will probably bounce. I believe that that has been a problem on the old 5106 for years. It is supposed to work better for customs assigned numbers but we will all find out very soon if that is indeed true.

  6. There is NO query option for 5106 data.

5106 data screens

Updated: Derek 03-14-19