This is the first step to creating a recon or multiple recons. You to to retrieve all of the summary data that can be queried from CBP along with the actual Entry summary of record.

                        Pre-Reconciliation Selection          
Customer      00001            ACE006                         
                               XTHETA INC                     
                               3901 SKIPPACK PIKE             
                               SKIPPACK               PA      
Import Date   From -->  08 01 17  To -->  08 30 17            

You pick a customer and a date range for which you will need to file a recon or multiple recons.

When you confirm this screen with F10 we will start the query process in the background. We query ten entries at a time so as not to drown the communications channel and kick off the next 10 as soon as we have processed the responses from CBP.

This screen will be displayed to show the status of the process

Active Pre-Recons                                                              
  Customer                      From     To        Count Query Status          
  12006     ACE006              20170601 20170630  00053 00053 Query complete  
X-Select, D-Delete                                                              
F3 Exit    F5 New                                                               

Until you see “Query complete” there is nothing more you can do. You may quit the program and return later. Once your query is complete you can select the to view the results in summary form by selecting with an X.

           Query status                                                        
   Customer                      From      To       Count Status         XR410C
   12006     ACE006              20170601 20170630  00053 00053 Query complete 
   Entry         Flags  Import   Summary  Coll/Pay         Status              
   S2601967924   001    10MAY17  13SEP17  19MAY17                              
   S2601969789   001    01JUN17  13SEP17  12JUN17                              
   S2601969854   001    01JUN17  01JUN17  12JUN17                              
   S2601970043   001    05JUN17  13SEP17  14JUN17                              
   S2601970050   001    05JUN17  13SEP17  14JUN17                              
   S2601970068   001    05JUN17  13SEP17  14JUN17                              
   S2601970076   001    05JUN17  13SEP17  14JUN17                              
   S2601970092   001    06JUN17  13SEP17  15JUN17                              
   S2601970225   001    18JUN17  08JUN17  19JUN17                              
   S2601970258   001    08JUN17  08JUN17  19JUN17                              
   S2601970274   001    10JUN17  08JUN17  20JUN17                              
   S2601970290   000                                       Summary not found   
   S2601970514   001    12JUN17  12JUN17  21JUN17                              
   S2601970696   001    13JUN17  13JUN17  22JUN17                              
   S2601970704   001    13JUN17  13JUN17  22JUN17                              
   S2601970787   001    14JUN17  13SEP17  23JUN17                              
   S2601970852   001    15JUN17  13SEP17  26JUN17                              
F3 Exit                                                                  

You should now be able to view the recon flagging and the key dates from the query. Any line showing “Summary not found” does not a record at CBP and cannot be reconciled.

Updated: Derek 03-07-18