ADD/CVD capabilities are much improved in ACE. Now, you have a variety of query options including:

  • ADD/CVD Case # (10 or 7 character level)
  • Country and HTS
  • Manufacturer MID (not fully populated at CBP yet)
  • Foreign Exporter MID (not fully populated at CBP yet)
  • Recent changes

How to use it

We’ve added a new 21. ACE ADD/CVD Query option to the ABI Queries menu. This option allows you to query ADD/CVD cases on CBP’s system. Once you’ve queried a case, you can review, print, or email the results using the 8. ADD/CVD Inquiry option on the main Automated Broker Interface menu. Please note that querying a case won’t produce a printout or ABILOG output.

In a future update we’ll include a full database of all ADD/CVD cases as part of the system. This database will be kept up to date automatically.