Census warnings are handled very differently on ACE than on ACS. On ACE, you must respond to census errors electronically.

There are two ways you can respond to a census warning:

  1. If the warning is caused by an error in the data or classification: you’ll just need to fix the entry.
  2. If you know the warning isn’t correct and you’ve correctly entered the data / classification: you’ll need to electronically override the error and detail why the census edit doesn’t apply.

It is very important that you stay on top of census warnings, so your internal processes should include a daily review of outstanding errors.

How to use it

Warnings may be overridden by using the 11. Override Census Error option on the Import Operations menu (this is the same as ACS). From that menu option you may key a file number to view the warnings for a specific file or hit F12 to view a list of entries with unresolved census warnings. These entries will be displayed with earliest payment dates first so that correct can be prioritized.

Once you’ve selected an entry, the detail screen will display a summary of the line that caused the census error. You may then enter a code that explains why you’re overriding the error. The system allows you to browse the reason codes if you aren’t sure which one is needed.

Once you’ve overridden the errors and hit F10, the system will transmit your changes to ACE and you should receive an entry accepted message (assuming there are no other issues).