ACE Drawback is very different than the ACS Drawback.

ACS required you to transmit a summary of the transaction and then accompany it with multiple spreadsheets and letters to provide the backup and justification.

ACS Core drawback (not TFTEA) claims to require no more data than under ACS however now all that data must be electronic at a low level. Most of our users have been submitting supporting spreadsheets for ACS and with a few modifications you should be able upload the spreadsheet instead of keying the data.

Of course you can still key the data if you do not have a spreadsheet available. It may just take a while.

Our current software release does not support Manufacturing drawback or Nafta drawback. If you need this please call as we need a partner to work with.

You should make sure you are familiar with the CBP publications on this subject which are available on under supporting documents.

Ace drawback is available from option 7 on the Import Operations Menu.

The first screen presented will be a list of all drawback currently in process or completed with the latest first.

   Drawbacks by file (LIFO)                                             XDR01A  
   File       ClmDate          Customer                     Status                                  
   05-00139   19APR18          12006   ACE006                                   
   03-40976   01APR18          00052   DESTINATIO                               
   15-00373   27MAR18          12006   ACE006                                   
   15-00374   27MAR18          12006   ACE006                                   
   03-40964   26MAR18          12006   ACE006                                   
   11-21472   04APR17          01114   JEBUS H CR                               
F3 Return    F5 Add    F12 Filters      F15 Defaults

Entering an X against line will allow you to update the Drawback Header

F3 Return will exit Ace Drawback

F5 Add will allow you to create a new Drawback

F12 Filters will allow you to filter the drawback display by customer.

F15 Defaults will allow you enter the Drawback Defaults

Updated: Derek 05-01-18