Post summary corrections provide the mechanism to change the entry electronically once it is CBP control (see Controlling party matters under the Entry Management section).

You can change the entry once it is paid on a monthly or daily statement, has an estimated liquidation date but has not yet been liquidated.

As we have gained experience with post summary corrections we have learned that that there are least three different scenarios where an ABI accepted entry needs to be changed.

ACE Required Correction - entry needs to be resent to CBP as a PSC.

Post Payment Correction - the import specialist requests a re-transmission of the summary.

Manual Correction - a new 7501 is required but no transmission is needed. This may be needed to fix underlying reporting or for a CBP request.

PSC’s are now created and updated through the normal ACE option on IMPOP option 7.

If entry being updated has already been paid then a new screen is popped up to see what type of correction is needed. PSC Creation). As part of this process you have the option to make an archive copy of your current entry data.

This change in system architecture ensures that all reporting reflects the latest set of data for this entry as well as simplifying the process.

If you are processing a true electronic PSC then as you progress through the tariff detail lines F15 will let you enter any reasons for change at the detail level. More information is available at PSC Detail Changes).

Updated: Derek 12-01-15