In order to support ACE filing we have added a lot of new events as below

Event Description
ACE001 ACE summmary sent
ACE002 Certified ACE summmary sent
ACE003 ACE summary deleted
ACE005 Ace Summary accepted
ACE007 Ace Summary rejected
ACE008 Ace Summary accepted with warnings
ACE009 Summary Certification Accepted
ACE010 Summary Certification Rejected
ACE011 Census Override Accepted
ACE012 Census Overide Rejected
ACE020 Summary Notification received
ACE021 Electronic Invoice Request
ACE022 Entry Summary Package Requested
ACE023 Specific Document Request
ACE024 Entry Summary Rejected by Import Specialist
ACE025 Summary Inactivated
ACE026 Summary Cancelled
ACE027 Documents Received
ACE028 PSC from another Filer
ACE029 Liquidation Date has changed