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How to use BOSweb Tools to fix JAVA and BOSweb issues


This article describes how to use the BOSweb Tools program to fix specific JAVA and BOSweb issues.


  1. BOSweb will not run since upgrading to JAVA
  2. I receive a blank black screen when I load the display in BOSweb.
  3. I receive a JAVA security issue with the page.
  4. I sometimes lose print jobs where they disappear from my printer.
  5. I can't set up my printers because I don't have rights to save printer configurations in BOSweb.


Symptoms 1-3 are because newer versions of Java are doing things differently with how they load the applets. The rest are basically permissions and a few bugs that have been patched.


  1. Download the BOSwebTools
  2. Once you've downloaded the file, exit your browser.
  3. Double click on BOSwebTools.exe (You might receive a Windows Defender SmartScreen warning preventing you from running this tool. Click on "more info" and click on "Run anyway".)
  4. Follow the wizard.
  5. NOTE - If you had Internet Explorer open during this you will need to close all instances of Internet Explorer and start it back up in order for these changes to take affect.
  6. You can now delete the install folder. It should be located in your Downloads folder and called: Xtheta

If you are still experiencing issues please feel free to email our Support staff or give us a call.


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