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Printing ADD/CVD query information


On a recent update we changed the reporting of these queries to not print automatically as users complained about the large prints that were being generated. This article explains how to view or print the report.


Make the query using option 8 on the ABI Menu. You can get there by taking option 20 on the Import Operations menu.

On the ABI Menu select option 18, ABI View Menu. Then select option 8 (Results by User). When the report comes back from Customs you will see the ADD/CVD report. You can Print or View it using the instructions at the bottom of the screen. If you were not the user requesting the report you can use Cm24 and key the user name that made the query. If the Cm24 does not give the option to select the other user call Xtheta for support. Cm24 instruction will also tell you what printer the report will print to and allow you to make a change to the printer.


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  • Last updated: 4/3/2015

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